What Kinds of Expenses Does Heart to Heart Adoptions Cover?

Heart to Heart Adoption Utah provides a safe, positive place for pregnant women who are ready to give life to their baby but not quite ready to become mothers. We understand the reasons why many women may decide that a child just doesn’t fit into their dreams at the moment. Children don’t always come to us when we want them to.

But Heart to Heart believes that choosing life for your child is a good idea and we have families all prepared to take your baby and raise it as their own. Giving the joy of a new baby to a family is just about one of the best gifts you could possibly give. But babies are expensive even before they are born.

You’ll need excellent prenatal care so that you can give birth to a healthy child. Those doctor’s visits are expensive and so are the prenatal vitamins. You’ll also need maternity clothes and special foods to eat so you and your baby will be healthy. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables with plenty of drinking water ensures that you won’t gain too much weight and that your baby will get the nutrition it needs.

Heart to Heart is pleased to be able to offer those things and a lot more. When you become a Heart to Heart Mom, we provide a lovely apartment in Utah close to our facility. We pay all the rent, electric and other bills. You’ll have a fully furnished place with big closets, a pool and a work-out center. We take care of all groceries and other expenses so you don’t have to worry about money and finances during your pregnancy. We also take care of your travel expenses to and from Utah and make sure you get to doctor’s appointments and the stores.

Once you go into labor, Heart to Heart Adoptions ensures that you get excellent medical care at a local hospital and all expenses regarding your baby’s delivery are taken care of. After you have the baby, we take care of all legal adoption fees and you can stay in your apartment until you feel ready to return home. All throughout your pregnancy and delivery and even afterwards, you’ll get all the emotional and financial support you need.

We do this because we believe in adoption. It’s a great way to help a woman out who is not in a position to raise a child but it also helps a family who desperately wants a child of their own. An unplanned pregnancy can suddenly be turned around and become a blessing to many. Heart to Heart has been providing excellent Utah adoption choices for years and we hope you’ll allow us to help you.