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The U.S. Appears Violent to Other Countries. Does This Affect Adoption?

twin boys“Careful, Mom. The U.S. is violent. Very, very violent. Don’t go outside.”

The son from Mongolia spoke passionately.  Last January, his mother traveled to visit her daughter, and due to the pandemic, hadn’t been allowed to leave the United States. Her son watches the news.

He sees the riots.boy playing chevrolet camaro toy on floor

He sees guns.

He sees the racial divide.

He is concerned about his mother’s safety.

Indeed, the racial divide looks horrible through the lens of social and other media. The United States does not look like a safe country. We, however, know of the love we have for one another. Yet, we also know there are racists.

If you chose to adopt a child of another race, ignoring race will only hurt your child.

Unlike the son who only sees the worst of the United States, your child needs to recognize both sides.

Some people will unconditionally love her.


Some will not love her simply because of her race.

She needs to feel unconditionally loved. Your child needs to learn some idiots won’t love unconditionally.

The best advice we can give is to listen. Listen. Listen. Listen.

Let them tell you about their experiences. Let them tell you their thoughts.

Their opinions will change as they grow.

Try not to let them focus only on the worst, but let them discuss the negative.

We have faith that it is getting better. Don’t ignore what is happening. Don’t focus only on the bad.