Two Weeks in NICU

Two weeks old

Hi family and friends

Big boy Elias here!

Hope you all have been doing well.

Guess what . . . I’m becoming a big boy!!!!

I have been doing great over the last week. The doc says I’m really excelling at my milestones!

The other day, I got a cool new big boy bed and went to the big boy bottle!

I had a hard time for a few days. That crazy bottle flows a lot faster. But I crushed it on day two and was able to keep up much better. It just took me a little time to learn.

I’m down to an avg of 41 percent of my food going through my tube, which is a great achievement for a tiny but mighty like me. My low was 38, and my high was 50. Once I get to 20 percent. I get my feeding tube out!! I Can’t wait . . . I pull at this thing every chance I get.

I got it out twice now!! Those nurses are on to me now, though!!

Momma let them know my tricks and told them not to let me have part of my hand because I’ll wiggle it out Houdini style.

It’s official in the NICU neck of the woods. . . that all the Ladies and docs call me little Houdini!!

A new nurse came in today, and I pulled a fast one on her, and she told mommy I was living up to my nickname at the nurses’ desk . . .  I’m called baby Houdini ha ha ha my new friend has seen nothing yet. but the next day, she caught onto me.

I didn’t gain weight for a few days, and then I lost a little weight going down to 4lb 2 oz. But guess what . . . today I went up to 4lbs 5 oz!!!

Mommy and daddy are so proud of me! They are really hoping I break 5 lbs before I leave and fly on something called an airplane.

Doc said I have a hernia which is common in little guys like me, and usually isn’t anything to worry about. It could even go away as I get bigger and things settle.

Dad changed me for the first time the other day. He did such a good job.

His hands are not as small as mom’s, but he was able to get around all my cords pretty well.

Since it was his 1st time, I took it pretty easy on him. I did get the nurse later instead.

Watch out, daddy . . . next time. I might get ya! I like keeping mommy and daddy on their toes hee hee.

I’ve been having a hard time the last few days.

I don’t really like the blankets as much as I love my swaddle sleep sacks.

These things are tough to get in the inside . . All the nurses fight for them….

I finally had to let mine go because it was dirty, and I have not got them back yet. But mommy knows just what I like and makes magic happen and found my very own that I don’t have to share!!

Mommy says sharing is caring, but we will share the hospital ones with all the other NICU warriors, and I’ll use this one from now on.

I’m so happy now with my swaddle sleep sack. It’s sooooo cozy and snuggles me just right.

I love it even more than my elephant and giraffe blanket, which were my favs before I found this guy!!!

Word to my NICU  friends when you get this guy .. .hold onto it as long as you can… because it can be days before you get it again. Little, but mighty guys like us love being swaddled tight.

Interesting and fun facts about me:

  • I absolutely love to be swaddled and lay on mom or dad’s chest.
  • I’m feisty and love to look around as I’m very curious.
  • I’m a mover and a shaker.
  • I love to go crazy during my diaper changes.
  • I’m not too big of a crier right now, but I do whimper or fuss sometimes.
  • I really am a Houdini.
  • I’m a super slow eater, but sometimes I get a real pep in my step and try to chow down fast, but I forget to breathe so mom and dad help me pace.
  • I love warm milk . . . I can’t believe all that time. I was missing out on that. Yum yum.
  • I hate the sound of crinkle noises, especially bags.
  • I don’t burp well and like to lay on moms chest up right after I eat so my tummy doesn’t hurt.

Daddy and mommy met special friends at the Ronald McDonald house who also have a room at the NICU. They all became friends, and now little Myla and I are friends, too. Her mommy’s name is Abby, and her daddy’s name is Kevin. I’m a week older than her, technically. But she was born before me and was in the NICU. She still has her c-pap machine but is working hard to get off it. Doc said that it might be by this weekend, and if that happens . . . we can see her! She is tiny but mighty, just like me and my very special friend.

Mom and dad get to bathe me tomorrow. They are so excited. I’m excited too because I really liked the warm water the last time it was o soothing.

Doc says if I keep up at the rate, I’m going to be such a good and faster learner, and if I keep being a big boy, I might go home in a couple of weeks !!

. Oh boy!!!! Then I can see my home, my cool nursery, and all my family. Can’t wait to meet Nona and Papa!

Ok, guys time for me to go to bed so I can rest and get big and strong!

Love you all,

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