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Too Tiny to See His Face in NICU

“He was a scary, tiny baby,” Cherrie recalls seeing her son for the first time. Telling her story four months later, her voice still cracks with emotion. “I’ve  never seen a baby so small.”

When this new mother first saw the miniature infant, she felt he was so fragile he couldn’t be touched.

“We went over and touched his chest,” Cherrie’s voice cracked again. “Our little Elias took his hand, encircled our fingers, and held us to his chest. “Elias, Brad, and me. There was a connection from that moment. We just knew we were each other’s.”

The birth mother witnessed this scene and later explained how seeing the three together gave her peace of mind. She was so grateful for what happened.

None of the parents, the potential adoptive parents, or the birth mother had seen the baby’s face because of the breathing apparatus.

For two months, the child and the parents bonded in the NICU.

Read the journal written in Elias’ voice.

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