The Adoption Process

A “Home Study” is one of the first steps in preparing to adopt a baby. This process is designed to make sure that the adoptive family is really ready for all the changes coming. It also ensures that couples meet agency and state requirements. During the Home Study, families have a chance to get all their questions answered. This can greatly alleviate any concerns they may have.

What Is Included in the Home Study?

The Home Study has several parts that include interviews, written information and a home visit. During this process you will be asked about your finances, parenting style, medical background and marital status. Any area that might concern your ability to parent or provide a safe home for a child is examined.

Though Heart to Heart Adoptions does offer home studies, we also accept completed adoptive home studies from other organizations. These must meet our standards along with the state of Utah regulations. Once you have completed your home study with Heart to Heart, we can forward that on to any other agencies you may be working with.

Your completed Home Study is your adoptive profile and it can take some weeks to complete. Once all the paperwork and home visit are done, you are notified about your approval status. We require that your Home Study be updated each year if you want to continue to be considered to become adoptive parents.

After you are approved for adoption, we ask that you stay in contact with Heart to Heart Adoptions providing any updates or changes that might affect your ability to raise a child. While you’re waiting on the perfect baby to come along, you can attend group meetings and support groups where you can learn a lot about the adoption process. These meetings are a great place to meet other prospective parents who are also waiting for a baby to adopt.

Heart to Heart Adoption Utah enjoys helping families find the child that’s perfect for them. We understand how stressful waiting can be and are always here if you have questions or problems. We strongly believe in adoption and strive to make things as easy for both adoptive families and birth moms. A baby does indeed change everything and once you welcome your new baby home, you’ll quickly realize that the time and effort that went into the process was definitely worth it.

At Heart to Heart, we know that an unplanned pregnancy can be turned around to become a blessing for so many. Heart to Heart has been providing excellent Utah adoption choices for years and we hope you’ll allow us to help your family.