Ten-Days-Old Still in NICU.


Hi family and friends,

Little Elias again.

Wow it’s been a while since I reached out. Sorry about that. I’ve been a very busy boy. Lots of milestones to achieve and speed bumps to get over.

I have lots to catch you up on. Let’s see where do I start?

They turned my bed into a bubble, and I couldn’t get out, and I had to put those shades on again. I was not too happy at first. It’s ok, though. Daddy said it’s my cool spaceship! Like buzz light gear says to affinity and beyond!! Plus, my cool disco lights make for a super fun disco party. I want to get these shades off though, so I can look around!!

I had to spend some time in my super cool spaceship because my bili had gone back up. Mom said I had to go on a Special adventure to bring them down .

And guess what .. . when I got to come off all those lights again, I got to be wrapped in a space blanket. I couldn’t be held for a while as I had to re-acclimate to normal temperature and air.

Now I’m all done with the spaceship adventure, and I get to be a really big boy and wear clothes now!!!

Mommy and daddy say I have been such a strong guy.

I have been a super big boy with my eating. I didn’t get to graduate my nipple yet to the bigger boy one… but .. .. I have been taking my bottle at almost every chow time!

I get a little tired sometimes so about once a day, and I don’t want to use my bottle. Mommy says it’s ok and reminds me slow and steady wins the race.

The nurse told mommy and daddy I’m doing well for a 34-week baby. Dad says it’s because I’m a smart little guy!

I had some skin time with daddy the other day. His chest hair was tickly. I decided I was going to use it to pull myself up to the spot I wanted.

I’m not sure daddy liked that too much, but I did get cozzzzy. . . just how I like.

I also got my skin time with mommy; she is so warm I fall asleep.

I had to get a special ultrasound on my head. I had a cool gel hair doo until I got my bath.

My hair was slicked back with a cool NICU style.

Mommy and daddy were a little worried . . . but doc said it was just to be safe.

Grandma said my mommy and daddy are being so strong, and she was proud of them.

Meee too . . . I love my mommy and daddy so much, and I can feel all their love and strength.

And guess what? There was nothing to worry about. My ultrasound came back peeerrrfffect.

Little guys like me get premie shakes plus my other speed bumps, and it can get me worked up at times.

Mommy, daddy, and grandma are quick to comfort me.

When I have really hard times, mommy places my hand on her heart and breaths in and out slowly, and I really like that. It helps me calm down quickly.

I have been doing well, keeping my food down. I only had two situations . . . it could be I just don’t like those yucky vitamins . . .but mommy says I need them to grow big and strong.

I was a big boy yesterday and ate them like a champ. I’ve been eating between 16 and 21ml on avg, with a few times as little as six or not at all.

They have a special machine that helps me eat when I’m too tired.

I have been gaining weight the last few days. I’m up to 3 lb 15 oz yesterday! And now 4 lbs 0.6 oz!! All the nurses are impressed about my weight gain! I originally started gaining weight at 3 lb 09 oz. I’m up almost a pound !!

I’m a curious little guy . . . I like to look around a lot when I’m awake.

Especially now that I got those shades off.

Mommy and all the ladies say I have big beautiful eyes. Mommy and daddy also call me their little curious George. Not sure who that guy is . . . but I think I like him . . .

Grandma had to go home on Friday, and I miss her tons, but mommy makes sure to send her all my cute pictures.

Mom told me exciting news today . . . My special friend Laura is painting my nursery for me. It’s a travel Peter Pan theme.

Daddy and Mommy’s special friend sent a sneak peek; it looked so fun and cool.

I’m excited to sleep tight at home, hopefully soon!!!! Right now, it’s gonna be a while, but I remember what mom says slow and steady wins the race, and I’m going to crush this marathon!!!

I like to go crazy when I get my diaper changed. Mom always has ninja reflexes, though. Grandma was teasing mom the other day about how I don’t try funny business with her but guess what. I got her, too.

Yesterday was a real hoot . . . and beat mom on her ninja moves, and I totally got her.

The nurse said mom is officially in motherhood club now, as I gave her a real mess yesterday. Mom said me and dad must be in cahoots because dad thought it was hilarious.

I’ve been pretty tired the last few days because I’ve been so busy growing, learning, and becoming strong.

Mommy and daddy are sleepy, too, so we’ll check in with everyone in a few days. Just remember, guys, things can get pretty busy in NICU, so sometimes we can’t get back to everyone, but just know we love you all and think about you all the time.

Love Elias

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