Use Positive Adoption Language

Maybe some people didn’t take PETA seriously when they wanted to change some well-known idioms; however, I think their commitment to changing the language around animals shows their devotion. For…

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Private Adoption: Part 3 of 3

Private Adoption - Utah Adoption AgencyThis multi-part article highlights information for prospective adoptive parents. Heart to Heart, a Utah adoption agency, strives to provide the latest adoption information, including private adoption and open adoption options.

The latest adoption trend involves breaking cultural barriers and pushing past transracial issues. More Caucasian couples are seeking to adopt African American children, whether it is through domestic or international adoptions. For example, in 2004, 26-percent of African American children in foster care were adopted by Caucasian couples. This figure was up from 14-percent in 1998. With a notable increase since 2000, many agencies claim this figure is related to financial incentives for adoptive families and more Americans adopting across racial lines, as many African countries have experienced an increase in outbound adoptions to U.S. residents. (more…)


Private Adoption: Part 2 of 3

Private Adoption | Utah AdoptionThis post is part two of three and offers insightful information for prospective adoptive parents. Heart to Heart, a Utah adoption agency, strives to help make the adoption process simple for both adoptive parents and birthmothers.

Continued from the previous article, which highlights important information to consider before adopting a child:

  1. If an adoptive parent has a history of psychiatric illnesses or a criminal history, this information is important to disclose up front. Honesty is very important when working with an adoption agency. Prospective adoptive parents should also consider whether an open or closed adoption is preferable. Open adoptions work directly with birthmothers to provide family placement and closed adoptions are typically done without birthmother interviews. (Additional information is provided below.) (more…)

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Private Adoption: Part 1 of 3

Private Adoption - Utah Adoption AgencyThis three-part article features information about private adoption and the adoption process. Heart to Heart, a Utah adoption agency offers this helpful guide for prospective adoptive parents.

Most prospective adoptive parents wonder where to start the adoption process. In fact, there are a number of ways adoptive parents can adopt a child, albeit it nationally or internationally. Whatever choice a couple makes, they should be prepared for a waiting process, which ranges from months to years. International adoptions typically have longer waiting periods and require more paperwork, as well as private attorney fees.

Having an adoption checklist is helpful, as this provides adoptive parents with a starting point for their long-awaited adventure into parenthood. (more…)

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