“The Little Couple” Adopts

Special Needs Adoption - Illinois AdoptionStars of “The Little Couple” on TLC, Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein are the proud adopted parents to a three-year-old boy, who also suffers from a form of dwarfism. Adopting from China, the couple began to explore adoption as an alternative after their surrogate suffered an unfortunate miscarriage last March.

As the stars of the reality TV show, Arnold admits she always wanted to adopt a child who was a little person and after marrying Klein, who also suffers from dwarfism, they realized they both shared the same desire to adopt a special needs baby.

Unfortunately, not all people are willing to adopt special needs children. As Arnold, a neonatologist, stated, “If we could just adopt all the little people on the web page, we could fill the house really quickly.” In fact, TLC plans to chronicle the couple’s road to adoption on their show, with the season premiere airing April 30. (more…)

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Economic Effect on Adoptions

Adoption Costs - Utah Adoption AssistanceAs the economic decline in the U.S. remains in full throttle, local adoptions are decreasing nationwide. Many states have reduced adoption subsidies, which causes an undue hardship on families.

No one can help but notice the state of our nation, as every news channel mentions buzz words and phrases, such as “fiscal cliff,” “downturn,” “tax increases,” etc. In a time of uncertainty, this scares many Americans. More Americans are finding themselves unemployed, their 401(K) balances far from their high of more than a decade ago. This leaves many facing uncertainty, especially when related to adopting a child.

As surveys and statistics show, more than half of Americans have been forced to reconsider their adoption plans, with most citing money woes as their primary concern. In fact, this wasn’t the path these prospective parents envisioned, but one that has been handed to them. Many found themselves saving money in hopes of adopting a child, only to find those funds were necessary when faced with losing one’s job, paying necessary bills and even keeping them from entering foreclosure. (more…)

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The Adoption Process

A “Home Study” is one of the first steps in preparing to adopt a baby. This process is designed to make sure that the adoptive family is really ready for…