Adoptive Families and Birthing Classes

Adoptive Families PreparationA few days ago, I was sitting in the cafeteria of our local hospital when people began streaming through the hallway. Couples, mostly, and most of them carrying two pillows. And all the women were pregnant. Looked pretty obvious that childbirth class was about to begin.

Childbirth class is an essential part of preparing for the birth of a child,not only for the labor and delivery skills, but also for the unity that develops within expecting families. Couples learn what to expect during labor and delivery, then from their newborns and how to care for them. Great stuff.
In contrast, I remember a time I was invited to speak to a group of parents waiting for their first adoptive placement. At 7 p.m., the husbands and wives arrived -some separately-many clutching notebooks and binders – not pillows. There was nothing physical to convey the message: I’m about to become a parent.


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