Still in NICU. Little Guy Needs Lights

Five days old.

Hello family and friends,

Little Elias here.

How is your day going? My last two days have been amazing, with significant milestones and exciting times!

Guess who I met yesterday?! !! My Grandma and grandpa Cibene!! They were pretty awesome, and I loved their hand hugs and snuggles.

I can’t wait to meet Papa and Nona Petersen! Daddy and Mommy say they are pretty cool, Papa will teach me all about cars, and Nona and Papa will sing me lots of songs. I’ve talked to them every day, and they love me tons

Grandpa calls me his little glow worm and little Houdini because I’m squirmy, and I magically find ways to break free even when the nurses think they finally got me. Haha, think again, ladies. I just like to break free, but then I want you to swaddle me tight right after I Get loose. Daddy says it’s too snug, like a bug in a rug.

The friendly team at the hospital helped mommy and daddy get into Ronald Macdonald House, so they didn’t have to stay in a hotel. It was very helpful for them and took a lot of stress off. Mom said the place is so amazing, and everything is donated. Daddy and Mommy said they’re going to donate what they can to help other families like ours. If you want to donate five bucks, let us know. We would love to help you do that for this fantastic team of people. That allows families and children in times like these.

I drank my first bottle yesterday, and I’m really starting to get it down. First, try got 5 milliliters!! Rock star status here in NICU.

Little but mighty guys like me have not developed that skill like the bigger guys. Buuuutttt guess what !!! All the ladies . . . I mean, nurses.. . were so proud of me because I had three bottles today!! Also, it was so cool because mommy got to feed me for the first time. I did so well. I have to feed a little differently than the big guys, which can be awkward. I have to be kinda sideways and elevated, held under my chin, and only get 4 to 5 sucks. You have to help me remember to breathe because little guys like me like to suck and suck and suck and forget to breathe. But I’m learning this new skill well. I’m gonna be a pro in no time!

I wouldn’t give mommy a burp because I got the hiccups, was tired, and just wanted snuggles instead. Buuutttt grandma fed me too, and I gave her a big burp. I kept all my milk down today like a big boy!

For a little guy like me, that’s a huge milestone.

I also got my feeding tube out of my belly button and the other out of my mouth and nose. I love it out of my mouth because I can suck easier.

I still have my disco blanket and super cool shades, but I wouldn’t say I like to wear them because I just want to look around everywhere. But doc let me go down to just this one lite yesterday because my billies have come down. I thought I could be done with blue disco light tomorrow because my skin was improving. I take a little longer because of all my bruises. I had a pretty rough entry into this big beautiful world, but I’m healing nicely. But today, I have to be fully incubated with an extra special light. Mommy, daddy, and grandma have to situate me every 10 minutes because I’m a mover and shaker. The nurses say I’m a little troublemaker, but what’s a boy to do when there are disco lights . . . it’s time to dance, move and shake, rattle and roll.

Daddy calls me Hercules because I’m so strong.

I lift my head and try looking everywhere the second I get those shades off. I also push my whole body up. All the nurses are impressed with my strength! I give mommy little scares when I do this, but she is also so proud of how strong I am.

Because I only had one light yesterday, I got to lie with mom for a long time. I also got to have some little dude and big dude time with just me and dad today. He is so snuggly.

Daddy picked me up by himself for the first time today, and mommy and grandma started tearing up.

I like when daddy holds me because he covers my whole body, and I really like to be touched and secure at the same time. But if you touch me and don’t secure me forget about it. It startles me, but daddy . . .  his hands are like a giant swaddle blanket!!

I love how mommy holds me sooo much. She is learning just what I like! Soon it might be a bit hard for me, mommy, and daddy, as I have some speed bumps ahead. But I know I’ll be ok because when I get their comfort, it helps me so much. They will be with me the entire time when these bigger challenging milestones come my way.

We may not be able to update during those times as we have some significant milestones to accomplish over the next few weeks while i get all better and bigger and even stronger. But I got a little speed bump to get over, which will be much easier because of how well I’m already doing. And my mommy, daddy, and grandma will be here to help me through it and give me all my snuggles and loves I need to help me relax.

Love all of you so much, and we will say hello again as soon as we can.

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