Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Style

Little Elias updates: four days old.

I had a goodnight, and my bilirubin scores are improving, so I get to be on only two lights now.

I also got my breathing machine off. . . whoopee.

Mom and dad say I’m so strong.

I very much enjoy my hand hugs, and if mom and dad are touching me, I’m a little less annoyed with the nurses.

I only stay calm when mommy changes me. If those nurses do it, I’m not a happy camper. Just mom, please.

Daddy is a little nervous to change me because I’m so small and there are lots of wires. Daddy says mommy’s hands are smaller, so its safer. She thinks it’s because daddy somehow knew I had a poopy diaper.

Mommy and daddy got to see my whole face today and my hair, and they made all the nurses cry because of how happy mommy and daddy were to see me.

Daddy held me last night for the first time. I had my super cool blue disco light blanket. Daddy told me all about our adventures when I get bigger.

The nurses said I did good through the night bc I had my mommy and daddy for all my hand hugs.

Mommy told me about all my family and read me a book. Something about a turtle and how slow and steady wins the race. Kinda funny that’s what I’m doing!!

Ok, family and friends, it’s time for mommy and daddy to nap. We love you all and hope you enjoy the pictures.

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