Melanie D. Davis is a transracial adoption mental health therapist. She supports many children placed for adoption in transracial homes. 

In addition to being an experienced child and family therapist and presenter, she frequently appears on local media as an expert on children and family issues, cultural topics, and transracial adoption-related topics.

Melanie is an adoptee raised in a transracial home in Utah.

Imani Powell is the Owner of Essence of Ebony, a Natural Hair home for the African Diaspora. I am a Natural Hair Stylist, Coach, and Sekhem (Healer) and has over 10 years of experience specifically in Natural Hair care. I have trained under Master Locticians, Cosmetologists, & Natural Hair Experts. I am so excited to work with you and be apart of your journey of The Black Hair Experience!

We created the Identity Learning Community because we believe adoptive and foster parents need better resources and an intentional community. We want to help you be the best adoptive and foster parent because we know the more support and learning resources you have the better outcome for your adoptee or foster child.