Birth Mother, Please, Read About Finding a Family

The home your child will live in is up to you.

You decide the parenting plan.

However, you need to communicate with us at Heart to Heart Adoptions so we will know how to help you.

You can begin by simply starting a list to share with us.

 List the non-negotiables as well as the desires.

These non-negotiables may include:

Open adoption. Location close so you can have a relationship

Closed adoption. Location not an issue

Only child/Siblings

Two-parent home/single parent

Religion/political views


Similar interests as you.

How much time the child will spend with a nanny/babysitter or at daycare

Please, communicate with us about what is important to you. If we do not have a family which meets your needs, we will collaborate with other agencies.

When you find families that match on paper or in video profiles, then it is time for a phone call or in-person meetings.

We want you to be happy and comfortable with your decision. The best way to start this journey is to communicate with us. We’re here to listen.


Choosing An Adoptive Family

Birthmothers, you have the power to choose the family you want.

For some birth families, having an adoptive family in a specific location is essential. If that is the case, let us know immediately, and we will screen our potential adoptive families for locations.

If you are concerned about religion, let us know.

Some birth mothers want their child to grow up with a sibling. Other birth families would like the child they place to be an only child at least for a while.

You have the right to decide these things. Don’t be ashamed of your desires.

One especially important thing to consider if you are planning for open adoption is the relationship you want to have with the adoptive family. We have adoptive families and birth families who only communicate a couple of times a year. The other extreme is adoptive families and birth families who vacation together. You will need to decide what you want for your future. Relationships of any kind are imperfect and require work. That does not mean that you should be miserable during the imperfections and the work. You can create a happy and healthy relationship for all of you.

Realtors have three rules for buying property. Location. Location. Location

Relationships have three rules for success: Communication. Communications. Communication.

As you decide on a family to care for your child, choose people with who you feel you can communicate.

You are a birth parent. You are going to experience beautiful, joyful moments or understanding what is right for you and your baby You are also going to have to navigate some powerful emotions that are difficult and painful. Remember, you do not have to walk this alone. Give us a call.