Organization Helps Adoptive Families Preserve Memories With Free Photo Session

Free Adoption Photo Sessions
With adoption costs reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars, many budget conscious families forego the expense of catching important early memories of their child’s adoption.

“It comes with a lot of stress, a lot of paperwork,” says Tiffany Smith, a newly adoptive mom.

“But in the end, it’s just the biggest blessing there ever is.”

A volunteer  based organization in Oklahoma is helping families preserve the precious first moments by offering free photography sessions to adoptive families. Red Thread Sessions of Oklahoma has volunteer photographers that donate their services to adoptive families.  Since adoptions take place in a variety of locations, it is not unusual for sessions to take place at the hospital, at the airport, or in the courtroom. Right now the organization only has 2 volunteer photographers participating, but they hope to have more volunteers step up and volunteer their services to adoptive families. You can find out more about Red Thread Session on their website . This story originated on KOKH-TV’s website