Open or Closed Adoptions: The Benefits of Each

The decision to adopt a child or to give up a child for adoption often brings with it a myriad of other decisions, including whether you want to have an open or closed adoption. These decisions will be the basis for how much contact a birth parent or parents have with their child and the child’s adoptive family and can have a significant impact on the life of you and your children for many years to come. It’s important to understand each type so you can determine whether you prefer one or the other, or even some hybrid of the two.


Open Adoption


The term “open adoption” actually covers a pretty wide range of situations, but generally speaking it means that there is some contact between the birth parents, the adoptive parents, and the child. One of the biggest benefits of this process is that the birth parent(s) can often be more involved in selecting the family that will adopt the child, and the child can have a good understanding of where he or she came from. An agency like Heart to Heart Adoptions can help you figure out exactly what type of contact is right for your family and work out all the important details of what open adoption means to you.


In open or semi-open adoptions, birth parent(s) often have the chance to review profiles of adoptive families, where they can see things like family life, hobbies, careers, homes, and special interests. Depending on your specific situation, this choice may also provide birth parent(s) and adoptive parent(s) to meet and get to know each other, or to exchange information like photos of the child and updates throughout the years, although none of this is required.


Closed Adoptions


Open and semi-open adoptions are not the right choice for every family. If you prefer to have less or no contact, a closed adoption might work better in your situation. Families who have these types of adoptions will work through an agency and will have no contact between birth parent(s) and adoptive parent(s). While the agency will have all the information about each, that information won’t be shared. The adoptive family will receive a full medical history of the parents, but often nothing beyond that.


The right choice of which type of adoption will work best often comes down to your personal situation. It’s important to know your options, and you can discuss both types with a knowledgeable and helpful adoption specialist at Heart to Heart Adoptions before you make any final decisions. We will work to make sure the process goes smoothly no matter which one you choose.