Skip the Facebook drama, build meaningful connections. 

Imagine a world where you could connect with your baby’s birth family after adoption but without all the awkward Facebook drama. No more nosy neighbors peeking at your pics or judgmental comments about your choices. That’s where OurHeartsConnect comes in, like a BFF for your adoption journey!


Think of this private, secure computer app as a secret clubhouse for the adoption “triad” –you, the adoptive parents, and the birth family. No strangers, just safe, private chats and updates about your little one.


As a birth mother, you will continue to think of things you want your child to know.  You will want to know about milestones and accomplishments.

OurHeartsConnect makes it all easy and secure, like a digital hug from across the miles.


Open adoption isn’t just for birth moms, though. Adoptive parents can finally breathe easy knowing their kiddo isn’t a mystery.

The adoptive family will probably have questions about you and your family’s history. Questions they hadn’t thought about before. The answers to these questions will help them and will help your child feel closer to you and recognize the love you have for them.


No more second-guessing or wondering about the “what ifs.” OurHeartsConnect helps build trust and understanding between all sides, like a bridge over a river of worries.


And for the kids themselves? It’s all about finding their roots, sis. They get to learn about their biological family in their own time, at their own pace. No pressure, just answers and maybe even a wonderful new connection.

Consider James

We’ve seen kids like James, who used OurHeartsConnect to slowly explore his birth family while keeping his bond with his adoptive parents strong. It’s beautiful, like watching a flower blossom.


So, if open adoption is on your mind, ditch the drama and join OurHeartsConnect. We’ll help you build strong, meaningful relationships with everyone involved, all while keeping things safe and private. Remember, it’s your journey, and we’re here to walk it with you, one supportive step at a time.


OurHeartsConnect is super user-friendly. You can use this app on your phone, on your iPad, lap top or other electronic device.



Let's build bridges, not walls, in the world of open adoption!