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Our Littlest Baby Doing Well

Guest blog from Jess, an adoptive mother who has spent the last few weeks with her premature infant in the NICU unit.

Scott and I talked about adoption being part of our journey on our very first date in 2012.

Malachi love to be held by his mother.

We started trying to conceive and were surprised when we couldn’t. But, through different conversations and prayer, we knew it was time to begin our adoption journey in July 2020.

We learned about Christian Adoption Consultants and knew right away that we would need their help in this journey. We are so thankful for all the information and training that we did with them as well as our social worker who completed our home study. Everyone has been such a pleasure to work with.

Learning to recognize his parents.

Heart to Heart Adoptions was one agency that was recommended to us by our consultant.

Scott and I have been preparing our hearts, home, and community for the moment we get to bring our sweet boy home. We had a baby shower in August 2020, way before we knew about him, because we wanted to celebrate what we knew would come. We are so thankful our nursery is all set up and ready for us to get home after his NICU stay.

We learned about him five days before he was born. Twenty-four hours after we learned about him, the agency let us know that his birth mom would be getting induced soon. 

Scott and I made phone calls to friends and family and packed up our car for the 12-hour drive.

He was born at 12:59 AM on August 25th, 2021, at 29 weeks. He was stable, and his birth mom was stable, and we were so thankful.

His birth mother is an amazing woman.

We have heard about her humor, bravery, and humility. We have nothing but love and respect for her. We pray for her daily and will continue to do so. We will forever be connected to her through this beautiful boy that she birthed.

Malachi is doing really well.

He’s just passed his three-week birthday and is going strong. He recognizes Scott and me. He becomes alert and wide awake when we are with him. He doesn’t want to miss a second. He smiles when we play him music, and he has many opinions about all the wires and cords attached to him.

Scott and I are savoring as many moments that we can get with him. But, we know the NICU is just a phase, and soon we will all be home again.

Continue to watch this space for updates on Malachi.  Or see a previous blog which talked of this amazing little fighter.