Leaving NICU.

One month old

Hi family and friends,

Elias here. Wowza has this been a wild adventure for me.

I broke free of the NICU. Yahoo . . . all my nurse friends came to say goodbye and gave me lots of hugs.

They said I have a pretty special place in their hearts.. they all had to come to the surgery room during my birth because of big speed bumps in my birth . . . they all really liked following my progress and are so amazed and impressed with how strong of a little dude I am.

Mommy says its also because I’m a cutie-pie and a sweetheart..

My special friend Myla might get to break free and come home soon to . . . she got her feeding tube out!

I can’t wait for both of the two most awesome tiny but Mighties to be home and starting our amazing adventures!!

I got to meet Mylas’s mommy the other day and have dinner at Good old Ronald McDonalds.

I really like Abby! She told mommy it was because she’s my future mother-in-law.

She and mommy talked about how they can imagine Myla and I getting married when we grow up and having such an amazing story.

I’m not sure what this wedding business is about. I think daddy is right . . . girls are silly. Hehe

I really loved all my nurse friends and miss them tons. But it was nice to be with mommy and daddy all day and night.

I had a challenging first night at the Ronald McDonald house because it was new surroundings, and mommy and daddy were trying to get used to taking care of me in an unfamiliar place too. But we made it!!! We really are the best family team ever!

Mom and dad got pretty creative with my makeshift nursery. I had a mobile hanging from the light. a travel bassinet and a makeshift changing table made from a couch cushion is pretty comfy for me because I am a worm or, as grandpa calls me, a little glow worm… I have makeshift towel bumpers .

Mommy and dad even improvised my bath. They piled a bunch of towels down and bathed me right there on the bed.?

I liked that much better than the little tub they got from the hospital. It was a bit of a disaster, but mom and dad sure tried.

It was a little easier when we got to the hotel because the bathroom sink here was decent for a quick bath. Mommy even made me towel pillows and bummers to make me cozy.

Mommy and daddy got some camo camp chairs at the store so they can feed me a little easier as my special way of eating is kinda hard to do on the twin bed. Daddy said, especially for mommy, because her feet can’t touch the ground.

Momma says our little adventure is a cross between glamping and dorm room style. You can imagine with a brand new baby how crazy it was, but my mommy and daddy were awesome and said everything from here, with traveling, etc., will be much more manageable, but they can’t wait for the comforts of home.

I love to eat now and have been eating like a super big boy.

I like my milk warm, so Momma and daddy use a tub with hot water to warm my bottle for me.

They are so sweet to me. The warm milk also makes my tummy feel better. Sometimes I have a bit of tummy trouble which can happen with little mighties like me. But im Getting bigger every day.

When I left the hospital, I was 4lb 11 oz!!!

Mom and dad call me the little milk monster.

They are pretty sure I’m Up to 5lb 5 oz . . . but we will find out at my Dr apt.

I already outgrew one of my outfits and one of my hats!! Mom and dad can’t believe how much I’ve grown and how much I’m changing already.

Mommy and I made treats for our Ronald McDonald family, and daddy helped!

One day we made worms in dirt, and another, we made fun Halloween cupcakes.

They look soooo tasty . . .  but mommy said I have to wait until I get a little older to have one of those deserts . . .  so it’s just milk for this little guy.

I had to go back upstairs when the kids came down because my immunity was still becoming strong, but Miss Jenny and Shannon, and Mr. Tyler said everyone loved them and made the kids smile.

Mom says a lot of kids here have their own speed bumps and milestones to achieve, and our little fighters like me . . .  so we want to help make them feel good.

We will miss our friends here but are so excited to get back to the comforts of home and be with all our family and friends. We said our goodbyes with a few tears and lots of smiles.

I had my first doctor’s apt after my discharge from NICU so I could go on a plane to come home. Guess what? I’m up to 5 lbs 4 oz!!

I’m very excited to come home and meet all my family and friends and get settled at home and in my awesome peter pan travel-themed nursery that our friend Laura has been working on painting day and night for me.

Mom and dad booked a 1st class ticket to help me not be around as many people since my immunities are not strong yet. Can you believe it? At age 36 weeks gestational age and 29 days old, I’ll have visited three states . . . Ohio, Kentucky, and good old Washington. Mommy, daddy, and I will ride first class for the first time together. Mom says, don’t get used to traveling in such style, but dad says once you go first class, you never go back.

Well, guys, here I go . . . my first plane ride!!!

In about 9 hours, I’ll be officially home.

Let the new adventure begin!!

As buzz light gear says to infinity and beyond!

Love Elias

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