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Jada’s Unbreakable Connection: A Heartwarming Open Adoption Story

Jada's connection to this little girl remains steadfast, an unbreakable bond within an open adoption. This little girl will always know of her birth mother's love.

Heart to Heart’s journey with 14-year-old Jada began three months ago, a pivotal moment when she courageously asked how to place a child for adoption. She shared her hopes for an adoptive family who would be okay with an open adoption.

The young girl sent a detailed list of what she wanted to see in an adoptive family. At Heart to Heart Adopt, we limited our communication with Jada by going through the young girl’s mother. This soon-to-be grandmother had a lot of questions about adoption.

 We only worked with the mother.

We deliberately limited our interactions to maintain a supportive presence, directing our efforts toward encouraging Jada to continue visiting the counselor assigned to her by the state. The soon-to-be grandmother was the one who needed to help the teenager.

In the weeks leading up to her due date, Jada astounded us with her mature considerations, articulating her desire for an adoptive family. She had thought about her future and her baby’s future and wanted to be sure those two futures coincided.

An attorney representing Jada and a hospital social worker were the sole witnesses to the relinquishment signing, ensuring that every decision was rooted in the teenager’s best interests.

The attorney spent a long time ensuring the decisions were in the teenager’s best interest.

Post-relinquishment, an intimate gathering unfolded, bringing together the teenage mother, her own mother, the newborn, the new adoptive mother, and the latter’s mother—four generations in a shared moment of significance. Three days of shared space and shared experience, fostering a connection that went beyond legalities.

After these pivotal days, Jada, seeking solace and contemplation, approached Jodi from Heart to Heart. A simple request unfolded – a journey to the beach.

She wanted to watch the waves.

Jodi chose to be more than a spectator in this poignant moment. Instead of witnessing the baby’s transition to the adoptive family and departing, Jodi took Jada to the ocean.

They watched the waves.

In the evening, they ventured to a craft store, collecting materials for a scrapbook—a tangible testament to the days spent together.

“She just needed the time,” Jodi explained. “She is so young, and she has made such a tough decision. Being with her was my privilege.”