Going Home Barbie – Adoption Doll

Going Home Barbie Adoption Doll
Mattel has been making this Special Edition Barbie since 2001. But the adoption doll is not for sale? So how do you get one? They are only available to guests of the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou China who are visiting China to adopt a child. Mattel’s philanthropic efforts overall have come across as a bit strange to the adoption community. Eastern Journey points out of few of the reasons:

  1. In China, you cannot adopt if you are over 50. Created in 1959, Barbie is technically over 50!
  2. In China, you can’t adopt if you are younger than 30. Barbie represents a young and vibrant woman in her late teen’s to early 20’s!
  3. In China, singles are not able to adopt. Going Home Barbie doesn’t have a wedding ring and Ken is not included in the set.

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