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Give Up My Baby–No! Place Your Child.

You may have reasons to have considered “giving up my baby.”

We HATE the phrase, “give up my baby.”

Giving up sounds like defeat.

Giving up a baby sounds like walking away from a situation. At Heart to Heart we don’t give up, and we don’t walk away from a situation.  We find what is right for you. We find what is right for the baby. Maybe placing your infant for adoption is the right decision. But if you place your baby, you are carefully choosing a safe place for this child. THAT is NOT giving up. That is taking a hard road, a road you have chosen because you don’t give up on things.

You are not giving up.

You are choosing a parenting plan which is best for you and your child.

This parenting plan might be an open adoption.

Your parenting plan with an open adoption might include weekly visits with the adoptive family.

Maybe your parenting plan includes monthly visits or only yearly visits.

Maybe you want pictures and only occasionally visits.

Our adoption specialists are trained to help you find the family which will provide you with the best parenting plan. We will not give up until we find what is right.

Sometimes this is easy. Sometimes we have an adoptive family who will work perfectly for your needs.

Sometimes this is hard. Sometimes we have to search for precisely what you want and need.

But we do not give up on you.

We do not give up on your baby.