General Adoption Advice

Anyone can be adopted, albeit it an infant, toddler, child, stepchild, relative, non-relative or even an adult. Depending upon the qualified adoption agency, some specialize in focusing on more difficult cases, while others practice standard, more routine adoptions.

When a birth parent decides to place her child up for adoption, it is her sole decision. No undue influence from outside sources should be taken into consideration, as this a decision she will have to live with for a lifetime. Birth parents can choose who adopts their child, or they can decide to have limited participation in this process. Birth parents do have the right to meet with prospective adoptive parents, ask questions or even request that the adoptive parents send pictures regularly and provide updates.

In some cases birth father consent may be required; however, it depends upon the circumstances. If the father’s consent is given, it can typically be done before or after the child is born. The birth mother’s official legal consent is given once the child is born.

Agencies help facilitate a smoother adoption process. They provide an alternative to abortion for birth parents, and help provide valuable counseling and advice. Heart to Heart Utah adoption agency meets the high standards set forth for adoption firms. They desire to bring both birth parents and adoptive parents together to help create a solution that is in the best interest of the child.

Typically birth parents provide adoption agencies with authorization to take legal custody of the child; however, reputable adoption agencies strive to work with birth parents and adoptive parents to find a home that satisfies both parties. There are several options for agency adoptions. Some agencies help introduce birth parents and adoptive parents, while other times, adoptive parents know a birth parent and meet with an adoption agency to help facilitate the adoption process.

Once the adoption is complete, most states issue a new birth certificate, which shows the adoptive parents as the legal parents. This affords adoptive parents the ability to share with their child that he/she is adopted, when the time is deemed appropriate.

Typically, adoption agencies provide the highest quality of adoption monitoring and oversight of the adoption process, as they are required to abide by strict licensing requirements. Adoption agencies specialize in understanding county restrictions, open adoptions, child health and can clearly outline price ranges for adopting a child.

Heart to Heart specializes in open adoption, private adoption and unplanned pregnancies. Striving to put children’s happiness first and foremost, their excellent staff provides open, honest communication throughout the complicated adoption process.