You are currently viewing Finding Joy After Placing My Baby for Adoption: A Holiday Message for Birth Mothers

Finding Joy After Placing My Baby for Adoption: A Holiday Message for Birth Mothers

From a Birth Mother

Christmas lights twinkle, joy rings in carols, and yet, a familiar ache tugs at my heart. Placing my baby for adoption shattered my vision of the holidays, once adorned with visions of a traditional family. Yet, when I see his radiant grin in photos with his new family, now my extended tribe, I realize family comes in kaleidoscopic shades.

Grief stills whispers in quiet corners, particularly during these festive days.

But today, my healing journey is far beyond what it was yesterday. And tomorrow will see me even stronger. Choosing adoption was a defining moment, but it isn’t my sole story. I’ve become a tapestry of compassion, empathy, and fierce love. 

This holiday season, I've gifted myself permission to embrace joy.

 Laughter finds me in flickering movie lights, solace in a friend’s warm embrace, and strength in moments of self-care.

Fellow birth mothers, if the holidays stir up a bittersweet symphony, after placing your baby, don’t drown in the sorrow. Seek your own harmony, whether in a movie’s laughter, a friend’s hand, or a counselor’s gentle guidance.

It’s easy to get lost in sadness, tempting to wallow in self-pity.

Then, I see what my child has and what I have. I see the love surrounding me, and I realize my gift of adoption resonates not just for him but for us all, a melody weaving through every season.

Remember, this is just a suggestion! Feel free to adapt it to your own voice and preferences. And most importantly, be proud of your story and the strength you’ve shown. My gift of adoption gave him a great life, and that’s worth celebrating all year.

Happy Holidays