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Families Should Stay in Touch

We believe in families.

Adoption is building families. But it shouldn’t destroy families, either. That is why in, all but the most extreme circumstances, we believe in some level of openness in every adoption.

This openness and this belief in being connected should be provided for birth parents even during this COVID-19 crisis.

We are allowing birth parents access to potential adoptive families.

First birth families have access to potential adoptive families through online profiles. Next, when applicable we provide electronic communications. When at all possible, we see one another in an online meeting format.

Not to brag, but we’re getting more and more creative in providing contact.

After the adoption has taken place some families may find this new app called HeartsConnect beneficial.

In adoptive parents and birth families can stay connected in a safe, confidential way.

You can text back and forth through the app, send pictures, videos, and any other communication you feel comfortable with. The account ensures your privacy as well as stores the communique.  You can even use the pictures and conversations and print a book which your child will cherish.

Share from anywhere with ease.

HeartsConnect works beautifully on your computer and mobile browser. Every account has a unique email address where you can send updates and content without even having to open the app.

With the HeartsConnect iOs and Android (coming soon), you’ll be able to share and read updates and photos anytime from anywhere.

Children can be involved in an age-appropriate way in this closed platform. This is much safer than social media where everything is open to public scrutiny.

In whatever manner you chose to keep connected, remember families are important.