Essential Tips for Adoptive Parents

Heart to Heart specializes in open adoption and private adoption in Utah. With a special emphasis on working with unplanned pregnancies and providing abortion alternatives, they strive to help people become adoptive parents.

Adoptive parents often read a number of books, online advice and turn to other parents for parenting tips. In fact, there is no amount of advice that will fully prepare anyone for becoming a first-time parent, let along an adoptive parent. While adoption is a life-fulfilling gift, there are a number of essential tips for adoptive parents to ask themselves:

  • Are you prepared? Most people consider adopting a child after their quest to have their own biological child has resulted in disappointment. Sometimes adopting a child is not the right answer, so couples need to really ask themselves if they are 100-percent committed and devoted to becoming an adoptive parent. People must switch focus, as becoming an adoptive parent is about being a parent, not becoming pregnant.
  • Domestic or International Adoption? This is often a question that is commonly asked by parents exploring adoption alternatives. Some people find the international adoption process easier, albeit it more expensive, to navigate. Others find the public adoption route difficult, unless a parent wants to adopt a child six years of age or older. This is where private adoption agencies, such as Heart to Heart, can help, as they work with expectant mothers looking to give their unborn child up for adoption.
  • Open vs. Closed Adoption? If an adoptive family wants a closed adoption, this generally means that the child will never have contact with the birth parents. An open adoption means the birth parent has access to the adoptive parents’ contact information. There are advocates promoting both sides of this argument. Ultimately, each adoptive family needs to make this decision for themselves and do what is right for them.
  • Costs – Yes, adoption is an expensive process. Statistics show that adopting a child can range from $4,000 to $30,000. However, couples should also keep in mind this could be far less than extensive fertility costs. The U.S. government has instituted adoption tax credits. For example, for families earning $150,000 or less, this credit is $10,390. Additionally, the National Adoption Foundation offers adoptive parents low-interest loans, helping ease the financial burden associated with adopting a child. Before entering the adoption process, interested parties should factor all expenses into the equation.
  • Lawyers – Heart to Heart works with legal specialists who are experts in the area of adoption. These professionals work with adoptions on a daily basis, knowing the in’s and out’s of this difficult and trying process.
  • Emotional and Physical Baggage – A child’s former environment can have a lasting impact, especially if he/she was exposed to drugs or alcohol or a violent situation/environment. Sometimes there are long-term risks when unborn children are exposed to damaging substances. Parents need to be prepared to tackle these issues head on and accept and love their adoptive child.
  • Be Realistic – Nothing in life is like a fairytale, as all parents have up’s and down’s. Be honest with yourself and your expectations. Being a parent is part of a learning process, one that is fun and can also be fraught with worry and disaster. Embrace both the good and bad and keep life in harmonious balance.