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Don’t Be An Irrational Parent!!

“Adoptive parents are illogical.”

Jan had agreed to answer questions at an adoption conference. She represented adults adopted as an infant. Everyone in the room listened as the animated 30-year-old spoke frankly and unapologetically.

“You adoptive parents or potential adoptive parents need to smarten up. Don’t be irrational. When a child wants to know about his biological parents, it has nothing, NOTHING, to do with you.”

Still animated, she suggested that some adoptive parents fear being replaced by a biological parent.

“That’s ridiculous. Unless an adoptive parent abuses a kid, I’ve never known one single adopted person, NOT ONE SINGLE ADOPTED PERSON, who wants to abandon those who raised her. However, every adopted person I’ve ever known is understandably curious about the DNA and the situation surrounding their birth.”

An open adoption does not imply you will be parenting your child with the birth parents. Adoptive parents have the permanent and legal responsibilities and rights involved in raising the child.

“Some adoptive kids get close to their biological family,” Jen said. “Some don’t. Just don’t be irrational with your own emotions. Instead, think about the kids.”