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Covid Vaccines and Pregnancies

The internet has become a sea of extreme zealots who compete for your clicks.

Borsch, Food, Cook At Home, A Simple RecipeThis is a harmless competition if we’re talking best soup recipes or those exposés like “Child Stars—Where Are They Now?”

However, please, look to responsible sources for your health, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At Heart to Heart Adoptions, we access the most up-to-date medical advice.

The first thing to understand is, Doctors are yet to advise whether pregnant women should have either COVID-19 vaccine.  This recommendation comes, not because of any adverse reactions within pregnant women, but because there is little information since these women are typically excluded from clinical trials.

The World Health Organization would not suggest that the Pfizer vaccine be given to pregnant women, with the exception of health staff at unavoidable high risk of exposure, or to those with complicating health conditions.

The WHO preferred to err on the side of caution because there is not enough data on the effect of the vaccine on pregnant women.

The animal studies suggest mRNA vaccines did not cause problems with pregnancy.

  • The mRNA vaccines do not contain any virus particles.
  • Within hours or days our bodies eliminate mRNA particles used in the vaccine, so these particles are unlikely to reach or cross the placenta.
  • The immunity that a pregnant individual generates from vaccination can cross the placenta, and may help to keep the baby safe after birth.

At Heart to Heart we will connect you with doctors who follow scientifically based procedures as they treat you.

Whatever you and your doctor decide, we are here for you.