Common Myths (and Truths) About Adoption

Whether you are a family who is considering adoption, someone who is thinking about putting your baby up for adoption, or have friends and family who are in one of these situations, you might have a lot of questions about the process. There is a lot of information out there about adoption, and unfortunately not all of it is true. Here are some of the most common myths—and the truth—about adopting a child.


Myth: The process has too much red tape and bureaucracy


Truth: While there are processes and forms required to adopt a child, it can be streamlined and fairly simple if you work with the right adoption agency. Of course, that doesn’t mean there is no paperwork and there won’t be any work required, but with the right help it’s easier to do what is needed so you can be ready to add a child to your family.


Myth: Only typical mom-dad households can adopt children


Truth: Actually just about anyone who is interested in bring a child into their home can be eligible for adoption, as long as they meet the criteria of being able to provide a safe and loving home. You don’t have to be rich, married, heterosexual, a homeowner, any specific race, or even any specific age. A significant number of single parents, gay and lesbian parents, and others are able to adopt a child every year.


Myth: There are no kids available in the U.S. to adopt


Truth: There are about 129,000 children currently in the foster care system who are waiting for permanent homes, ranging in age from infants to teenagers, as well as birth mothers who are interested in finding loving homes for their future babies. If you are interested in adopting a child in the U.S., it’s important to work with an agency that can help you find the right child to fit with your family and help you through the process.


Myth: Adoption agencies are all a scam


Truth: While there are (unfortunately) some adoption agencies out there that are not operating an honest business, most agencies will work extremely hard to make sure that both the birthparents and the adoptive parents are taken care of through the entire process and can get through the adoption as quickly as possible and with the fewest complications along the way.


Myth: Adoption is too expensive


Truth: The cost of adopting a child can vary depending on where you plan to adopt the child from (foster care, private adoption, or international) and the required additional services that you need, including legal fees, agency fees, medical costs and living expenses for the mother, and more. While the cost can be anywhere from free (for foster child adoption) to $20,000 or more (for international adoption) you may be able to get state and federal tax credits, adoption subsidies, loans, grants, and even employer or military benefits to offset the costs.


If you are considering an adoption, get the facts before you begin the process. Talk to Heart to Heart Adoptions today so you can understand the truth and get started on the road to completing your family.