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Choosing a Family and Finding Strength

Barricading Herself in a Hotel Room

Two weeks after her positive pregnancy test, Josephine barricaded herself in a hotel room to call an adoption agency. “I put the lock on so I could have privacy,” she explained. Though her coworkers were supportive and the father eager, Josephine felt adoption was best for the baby.

“Michelle from Heart to Heart answered. She was fantastic,” Josephine recalled. Right there, in the locked hotel room, Josephine completed the birth mother application using her phone.

Easy Application

After describing her hopes for a family, the agency sent options. “One couple gave their kids crazy names. I didn’t want that for my girl,” Josephine laughed. But one file resonated. “They love my favorite holiday, have an older son – she’ll have a brother! The mother specializes in infant care. I know those early years shape personality.”

This family felt right. After an interview, Josephine loved them.

Although Josephine was content with her choice, a sense of guilt still lingered. “The hotel’s cleaning crew organized a shower for me. It was a bittersweet moment. These women were incredibly enthusiastic and eager to assist,” Josephine shared.

The kind-hearted women even went as far as purchasing a pricey stroller. As for the major items, Josephine decided to donate them to a nearby charity. However, she held on to the clothes as cherished mementos.

Found an Airbnb Near the Hospital for Baby's Birth

Heart to Heart arranged a two-week Airbnb “vacation” near the hospital where Josephine would deliver. She and her unborn daughter hiked, visited the ocean, ate well, and watched movies.

 “The nurses, staff – everyone was so supportive. Sharyn from the agency checked on me constantly. I never felt alone.”

Post-birth emotions were complex. “Sometimes watching TV, I think – you abandoned your baby. But I didn’t. This was her path, meant to be with this family. That doesn’t mean it isn’t agonizing, the hardest thing I’ll ever do. But a piece of me is with her. She showed me my own strength. Pregnant and alone, working crazy hours, I supported us both. I didn’t think I could, but I did. Because of her, I know what I can accomplish.”

Josephine treasures the open adoption. “I get to watch her grow, knowing she chose me to bring her into this world.” Her voice brims with bittersweet joy. Josephine’s difficult journey brought purpose and redemption.

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