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Children Are Not a Consolation Prize.

If you have struggled with infertility and are adopting as a second choice to the hypothetical biological child you can’t have,–


If you are struggling with infertility and haven’t finished the grieving process, don’t decide to adopt.

Talking to one woman the other day was refreshing in her view of “God’s Plan.”

She said in part, “I had infertility and I had miscarriages. They were difficult. Certainly, I laid on the bed in the fetal position and sobbed. But now I am so glad I did, because it led me to the children (adults now) that I was privileged to raise. Maybe in my original plan, I would have had these little DNA clones. But now, I’m glad we had the mismatched, eccentric, loud, fun, hilarious, high-maintenance family we had.”

Don’t prepare to adopt children as a consolation prize.

They are not a consolation prize.

They are what God has for you.

So firsts deal with any grief.

  • Acknowledge Your Emotions.
  • Talk About Your Pain.
  • Take Time to Full Experience Grief

Recognize this experience is making you what you need to be. Then once again we will say.

Children are not a consolation prize. 

If your heart has led you to adoption, then–

Children are what God has for you.