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How Can We Help?

If you’re pregnant and considering your options, you are not alone.

More than half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned, and for some women, their life circumstances make it feel like it’s not the right time for them to become parents. 

For others, the life circumstances are right to become parents, and they are prepared to grow their family through adoption. 

California Adoption Agency

How Can We Help?

If you’re pregnant and considering your options, you are not alone.

More than half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned, and for some women, their life circumstances make it feel like it’s not the right time for them to become parents. 

For others, the life circumstances are right to become parents, and they are prepared to grow their family through adoption. 

In many cases, we have brought these two—birth mother and adoptive family—together.

In California, the land of diverse landscapes and cultural melting pot, Heart to Heart Adoptions provides unwavering support for birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents. With many years of helping place babies for adoption, we serve as a reliable source of guidance and assistance throughout the adoption journey. 

We understand that adopting a child or placing a child for adoption is a big decision with many emotions and questions. That’s why we provide compassionate guidance, financial assistance, and medical assistance every step of the way.

Our goal as an adoption agency is to connect California birth mothers with the perfect adoptive family.

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Heart to Heart Adoptions Supports Birth Mothers in California

For over 25 years, Heart to Heart Adoptions has prioritized helping birth mothers and meeting their needs. 

Assistance for Birth Mothers

As a family looking to adopt, we understand you want to assist the brave mothers who are choosing to carry a child. At Heart to Heart Adoptions, we help birth mothers with:

  • Financial needs
  • Medical Care
  • Counseling and emotional needs
  • Find the perfect adoptive family.

Heart to Heart Adoption Agency is knowledgeable about California laws. We follow the California Administrative Code to offer emotional support and financial help within legal limits. The law permits offering birth mothers financial aid for living expenses and legal fees as deemed reasonable and necessary.

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In simple terms:

It’s illegal to offer money or gifts to persuade a parent to place their child for adoption or agree to adoption. However, it’s allowed to help with pregnancy-related expenses out of kindness, not as a bribe for adoption.

As an agency helping birth mothers place their babies in California, we will ensure they receive the maximum allowable expenses.  

Who Can Receive Support? 

The law only allows financial help for the birth mother herself. If she has legal obligations to support someone else, like a child or a disabled partner, her support should reflect those responsibilities. Generally, if the birth mother is living with someone else, that person should contribute to shared expenses like rent and groceries.

How Long Can Financial Help Last? 

Financial aid can cover the time leading up to and during the birth (“confinement”). This usually means until the birth mother is medically cleared, which can be a few weeks after delivery. In special cases, support might start earlier if the birth mother can’t work due to pregnancy.

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Specific Expenses and Guidelines:

  • Maternity Clothing: Generally, a reasonable budget for maternity clothes should not exceed $750 unless there’s a strong reason for higher costs.
  • Housing and Utilities: Housing should be comfortable but not extravagant, and utility payments should be reasonable.
  • Telecommunications: Basic phone and internet services necessary for medical appointments and communication can be covered.
  • Groceries: The monthly grocery budget depends on the birth mother’s situation, but it is usually around $500 to $650.
  • Transportation: Travel expenses related to medical appointments and counseling can be covered, but buying a car is not allowed.
  • Dental: Routine dental care related to pregnancy can be covered.
  • Furniture: Temporary furniture rental can be arranged if needed.
  • Moving/Relocation: Moving expenses may be covered if necessary for adoption, not for convenience.
  • Other Income: Other sources of income the birth mother receives will be considered when determining support levels.
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Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Hopeful adoptive parents often ask, “How do I adopt a child in California?” Soon after asking this question, they ask, “How much does it cost to adopt a child in California?” 

We’re here to help you with both questions. At our agency, we’re upfront about the fees and can guide you through the entire adoption journey in California.

One thing to note is that some expenses, like those legally provided to birth mothers, are covered by the fees we charge as an agency. We’re transparent about the costs, and we’ll give you a clear picture of what it takes financially to adopt through us.

At Heart to Heart Adoptions, we see adoption as more than paperwork. For birth mothers, it’s support and a path forward. For couples facing infertility, it’s a ray of hope to build the family they dream of. Choosing adoption is a courageous, loving decision for everyone involved.

So, if you’re ready to take the next step or have questions about the costs and process, let’s chat. We’re here to support you and make the adoption experience as smooth as possible.

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We Seldom Hear "Giving up my Baby."

At one time, it was common to say, “Give up my baby.” We want you to recognize that “placing my baby” is much more accurate. Placing a child for adoption is not giving up. Placing a baby for adoption in California is a courageous, fully conscious decision.

We believe in total empowerment for birth mothers. Every prospective birth mother gets to pick the family she believes is the perfect fit. As an adoption agency, we ask you what you prioritize in an adoptive family. Then, we find profiles until a family feels right for you. 

So, whether you’re a birth mother considering adoption or a couple ready to open your hearts and home, A California adoption might be right for you. 

Adoption in California: What Adoptive Families Need to Know 

Who Can Adopt in California?

To adopt in California, you need to meet certain qualifications set by adoption laws. These include providing a stable and loving home for the child. You will also need to complete an adoption home study to evaluate your suitability as an adoptive parent.

Navigating the Adoption Home Study in California: What to Expect

Are you and your partner considering adopting a baby in California? Congratulations on taking this exciting step towards growing your family! As college-educated couples in your 30s and 40s, you’re likely eager to understand the adoption process better, especially regarding home study—an essential part of adopting a child.

Post-Placement Support

After a child is placed in your home, you’ll undergo post-placement supervision for at least six months. This includes in-home visits and support from your social worker to ensure a smooth transition for you and the child.

By understanding and navigating the adoption home study process in California, you’re one step closer to fulfilling your dream of becoming a parent through adoption.

If you have any questions or need guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to experienced adoption professionals who can support you every step of the way.

How Much Does Adoption Cost?

Birth parents do not pay for adoption in California, and they can receive financial assistance for living and healthcare expenses within the law.

Prospective adoptive parents who work with Heart to Heart Adoptions in California will be given a flat fee. This fee is used to help the birth mother and provide her with medical care, living expenses, and counseling. This price is similar to the costs in other states, between $35,000 and $50,000. 

The California Adoption Home Study: What's Involved

Before diving into the joy of welcoming a new member into your family, you must complete a thorough home study. This process is designed to ensure that your home is a safe and nurturing environment for a child. Here’s what you can expect:

Your social worker will schedule individual interviews with you and your partner. These interviews are friendly conversations that allow the social worker to get to know you better. Don’t worry; there are no right or wrong answers—be yourselves!

A visit to your home will be arranged to assess the living environment and ensure it meets safety standards. All adults living in the home will be part of this visit.

Fingerprint-based background checks will be conducted for all adults in the household. This is a standard procedure to ensure the safety of the child.

Prepare to complete your finances, health, and employment paperwork. You’ll also need to provide documentation such as birth certificates, marriage/divorce certificates, and character references.

It’s important to note that specific criteria must be met for your adoption home study to be approved in California. For example, no adult living in the home should have a recent felony conviction related to child abuse, violence, or drug/alcohol offenses.

During the home study interview, your social worker will cover various topics to gain insight into your family dynamics and adoption goals. Here are some areas you might discuss:
· Your family background and childhood experiences.
· Your current family values, traditions, and lifestyle.
· Your career, education, and interests.
· Your neighborhood and community involvement.
· Your experience with children and parenting style.
· Your reasons for choosing adoption and your attitudes toward it.
· Your knowledge about adoption issues.

Remember, this interview is not a test—it’s an opportunity for your social worker to understand your unique family and support you on your adoption journey.

What Birth Families Should Understand About Adoption in California

What Birth Families Should Understand About Adoption in California

Open adoptions are becoming more common these days. In these adoptions, birth parents and adoptive parents can stay in touch. Heart to Heart Adoptions has a free online app for easy communication between adoptive families and birth families. This app allows an unlimited sharing of pictures, videos, and messages to keep the connection alive.

We listed the type of support California law allows when a birth mother places a child in California. California law allows certain support for birth mothers placing a child for adoption.

At Heart to Heart Adoptions, we also offer counseling after the adoption and continue support for a few weeks to help you get back on track. 

At Heart to Heart Adoptions, we help you find appropriate medical care and support you during labor. 

Contact Heart to Heart Adoptions 

One of our caring case managers will help you get legal, emotional, and financial support. They will also walk you through the following steps. Someone will always be available. 

· Confirm your pregnancy and get prenatal care.
· Connect with us for guidance.
· Create an adoption plan with your case manager’s help.
· Choose the level of openness in the adoption.
· Select the right adoptive family through profiles and meetings.
· Work on hospital plans and consent to adoption.
· Receive post-placement support, including counseling.

What Families Looking to Adopt in California Need to Know 

Adoption costs in California are about the same as the national average, typically between $20,000 and $50,000. Our adoption agency is transparent and will tell you the exact cost upfront. We don’t have any hidden fees, and we’ll talk to you about the costs openly.

Adoption processes in California can be unpredictable in terms of timing. Some adoptions occur shortly after the home study is completed, while others have waited for years. This wait time depends on various factors, including your openness to different adoption situations.

Most families working with Heart to Heart Adoptions in California have seen matches within 9 to 18 months, with some seeing them much sooner.

After a child is placed in your home, there is a finalization hearing, typically about six months later. During this hearing, a judge reviews the post-placement visit report from your home study professional.

Adopting a baby in California basically consists of seven steps. As a fully licensed adoption agency, we’re here to support you as you start this adventure. So, if you’re committed to adoption and ready to proceed, here are the basic steps. You can be single or married but must be at least 21 years old.

Before you can finalize the adoption of an infant in California, you must complete an approved home study. This involves document reviews, background checks, interviews with a social worker, and more. Our fully licensed agency can guide you through this crucial step efficiently.

In private agency adoption, birth mothers often choose adoptive parents based on their adoption profiles. This compilation of photos and text showcases your family and home, helping you connect with prospective birth parents in California.

Once your home study and adoption profile are ready, you wait for an adoption opportunity where a birth parent selects your family. Our national reach shortens this wait, ensuring you connect with potential birth parents sooner.

Before placement, you may get to know the birth mother through pre-placement contact, mediated by specialists, to protect privacy.

After the birth mother signs the formal adoption paperwork, the baby is placed with you. We oversee post-placement visits and guide you through the legal process.

Post-placement requirements completed, your adoption is finalized in court, with our assistance in preparing and filing paperwork.

You can establish post-adoption contact agreements. Fostering ongoing relationships between birth parents.

While the adoption process may seem daunting, our support ensures a smoother experience. Contact us today to explore adopting a baby in California and start your rewarding journey to parenthood.

Exploring Open Adoption in California

When a couple embarks on the adoption journey, they decide to choose between open and closed adoption paths. At Heart to Heart Adoptions, we allow the mother to determine what kind of adoption she wants and the degree of openness she feels comfortable with. 

The concept of open adoption varies widely, with birth mothers and adoptive families deciding the level of contact and frequency that best suits them. At Heart to Heart, we consult with our birth mothers as they choose a family that shares their idea of openness.

Our case managers encourage anyone wanting an open adoption to use an online app—OurHeartsConnect—that allows for unlimited messages, pictures, and videos between the family adopting a child in California and the birth family placing a child in California. 

There are some Benefits to an Open Adoption

  • Enhanced Communication: Open adoption fosters transparent communication between birth parents and adoptive families, often aiding in emotional healing and closure.
  • Family Relationships: Children in open adoption maintain connections with both birth and adoptive families, providing a sense of security and understanding of their history.
  • Birth Parents’ Peace of Mind: Birth parents find comfort in knowing their child is in a loving home while staying involved in their life.

Challenges of Open Adoption

  • Communication Boundaries: It’s crucial to establish clear communication boundaries and frequency that everyone involved is comfortable with. This is why we suggest the app Our Hearts Connect. This is monitored to keep the communication healthy. 
  • Emotional Complexity: Adoptees may experience mixed feelings as they navigate their birth family relationships, necessitating a solid support system.
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Closed Adoption in California

Closed adoption offers a different dynamic, where birth parents choose not to have any contact with their child post-placement until the child reaches adulthood. While feasible, closed adoptions are less common due to the benefits of open adoption.

Benefits of Closed Adoption

  • Confidentiality: Birth parents can remain anonymous if they wish to maintain privacy for personal reasons.
  • Control and Stability: Adoptive families have full control over their child’s upbringing without interference from birth families, ensuring stability for the child.
  • Privacy and Protection: Closed adoptions protect the child from potential harm associated with public disclosure of their information.

In conclusion, open adoption in California offers a unique opportunity for birth parents, adoptive families, and adoptees to navigate their relationships with transparency and support. While both open and closed adoptions have their benefits and challenges, understanding the legal nuances and emotional considerations can guide couples in making informed decisions about their adoption journey.

California Adoption Laws: A Summary

Adoption laws differ from state to state. At Heart to Heart, we make certain that we are in compliance with California law regarding adoption. We will help you navigate the intricacies of your specific situation.

Here’s a summary of California laws relevant to adoptive parents and birth mother placing her child for adoption:

Birth Parent Rights

A birth parent can voluntarily give up their child for adoption by signing a written statement, even if they are under 18 and without parental notification.

Relinquishment Process

The relinquishment becomes final after filing with the department, usually within 10 days. The birth parent can request to withdraw during this time, but once final, both parties must agree to undo it.

Choosing Adoptive Parents

Birth parents can choose specific adoptive parents for their child. If the agency doesn’t place the child with the chosen family, the birth parent can cancel the adoption within 30 days.

Waiver of Rights

Signing a waiver makes the decision final, but it must be done under specific circumstances and with legal counsel. Once filed with the department, the birth parent’s rights regarding the child end.

Notification and Updates

The agency must inform birth parents about their right to request information about the child’s adoption status in the future. They also need to keep health information updated and decide on disclosure to the child at age 21.

Agency Responsibilities

The agency is responsible for the child’s care until adoption finalization. Only the agency’s chosen adoptive parents can file for adoption, and if the agency refuses, the court can still approve it if in the child’s best interest.

Medical Information

Before adoption, the agency provides adoptive parents with the child’s medical background.

These laws ensure a structured and legally sound process for adoption in California, protecting the rights of both birth parents and adoptive families.