Bonding with a New Baby

Sometimes adoptive parents as well as birth moms ask about bonding. Will the new baby bond at all with its biological mother? Will it be able to bond with the adoptive parents? The answer to those questions will be different for every single situation. Some pregnant women just seem to have a connection with their babies from Day One. Child birth can be a very emotional event but at Heart to Heart Adoptions, we make it a priority to prepare the birth mom and the adoptive family as thoroughly as possible.

Normally, adoptive couples are so excited to get their new baby that they don’t even worry at all about whether they will bond properly. It just happens over the course of time and they aren’t even aware of how, when, where, etc. A birth mom may experience some depression at first. This is to be expected and that’s what counseling is for.

Even after child birth, our birth moms stay in their apartment until they feel ready to move on. Heart to Heart Adoption Utah takes this time very seriously and strives to make sure that birth moms are completely healthy mentally, emotionally and physically before they move on with their lives.

Though a birth mom may miss her baby at times and wonder how he or she is doing, she may continue to stay in contact with the adoptive parents if she has selected that option during her pregnancy. This can often alleviate those blues that come after birth. The connection that some mothers have with their children is very strong and even though there may be days when you feel sad, it’s important for you to remember that you chose adoption because you felt it was the right thing and the best thing for your baby’s future.

Sometimes love means letting go. Take comfort knowing that a wonderful family who loves the baby very much is raising your child in a loving home. A woman may not always be ready to become a mom when she gets pregnant, but choosing to give your baby life is a great answer. It provides a loving family the opportunity to have their own child and experience all the joys of parenting. And as a birth mom, don’t forget that you may one day be in a place where you are ready to become a mother and experience all those joys for yourself.

At Heart to Heart Adoption Utah, we’ve been helping connect birth moms and adoptive parents for many years. We believe that an unplanned pregnancy can become a blessing for all concerned. Heart to Heart offers so many excellent Utah adoption choices and we would love to help you as well.