Bonding Tips for Adoptive Parents

Heart to Heart is a Utah adoption agency that understands the difficulty of becoming an adoptive parent. While becoming a parent is fun, engaging and exciting, it can also prove challenging.

Heart to Heart focuses on keeping families informed about adoption. This article highlights some essential bonding tips for adoptive parents to forge a life-long relationship with their latest family addition.

  • Time – Spending time together is vital for happy, successful families. Children create bonds with their parents through shared experiences. Parents’ being there for their children helps to forge lifelong relationships. Being involved in a child’s daily activities also shows a child you care, helping overcome any potential abandonment issues or related behavioral problems.
  • Support Groups – There are a number of parenting groups and even adoptive parenting groups that can help people share the joy of raising adoptive children. Because each adoption experience is unique, you can understand bonding issues other families have dealt with, learn about similar experiences, explore how to raise a child from a different culture and even have support for raising a child with special needs.
  • Cultural Gap – Children may have different cultural backgrounds, or perhaps you adopt a child that is not fluent in your family’s language. Learn about the child’s cultural heritage, foods and some of their native language. This shows that child that you, too, are trying to create a cohesive family and include him/her in your customs too.
  • Sense of Humor – Parents always need to have a good sense of humor. Life can never be taken too seriously. If you ever feel stressed out, take a cleansing deep breath and laugh out loud. It will immediately relieve stress and bring any situation back into focus. A family full of laughter is a family full of love.
  • Family Time – Showing an adoptive child he/she is part of a family is a critical part of the bonding process. Whether it is setting up a family movie night, board games, reading groups, sports events, cooking activities or an outdoor adventure, showing your adoptive child they are an important part of your family is important.

Adoptive parents have so much love and joy to share with their adoptive children. Helping creative family ties that last a lifetime, Heart to Heart helps birth mothers explore unplanned pregnancies and abortion alternatives, giving hope and light to families that desire to adopt a child of their own.