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BLM Debate Between Brothers

“BLM is causing more discord.” Brother 1.

“At least someone is paying attention to black people dying.” Brother 2.

Brother 1 “And making whites care less about blacks. No one is saying, ‘Hey, we really like black people now that they burnt down stuff.'” .

The arguing brothers are both black. The same white family adopted them.

They continuously fight–who’s smartest, who’s better looking, who’s mom’s favorite. Today they are arguing about BlackLivesMatter.

Brother 1, “Riots are reinforcing unconscious bias.”

Brother 2, “Racists need to be called out. Racist laws created inequality. People in power benefit from inequality.”

Brother 1, “Then change the laws.”

Brother 2, “No one in power wants to change those laws. Even people who claim you are their friend—their token black friend–don’t want you to be in power.

Brother 1, “I went down to a march, and you couldn’t throw a rock and hit a black person; most everyone there was white.”

Brother 2, “You shouldn’t talk about throwing rocks at black people.”

Brother 1, “You’ve thrown a lot of rocks at me.”

Brother 2, “Interesting how a bunch of white people rioting doesn’t change how people feel about white people, but if you see a black man rioting, people think, ‘Oh, why are they so violent and dangerous?'”

Brother 1, “That’s true. You finally said something smart. Still, lots of black people feel that BLM is not the right way to get change. It’s discrediting to all the black community.”

Brother 2, “The news and social media likes riots. It’s unfair that we ignore the incredible, profound demonstrations of power and peace. So many awesome speeches and people from all different communities coming together. The good stuff doesn’t get as many views.”

Brother 1, “Screaming and throwing things. Will these events breed progress?”

Brother 2, “Why are they not releasing the video of Jonathan Price getting shot for intervening in a domestic dispute?”

Brother 1, “Probably because when people see, there will be more riots.”

Brother 2, “Maybe there should be.”

Brother 1, “We’re not going to see real change without a real plan. What is the real plan? BLM should disenfranchise those who seek anarchy and attention.”

Brother 2, “It’s not fair to burn someone’s store, but BLM isn’t Costco. It’s not a club you buy a membership to. Anyone can just jump in there and destroy something.”

Brother 1, “Did you know Costco doesn’t have churros anymore?”

Brother 2, “Are you hungry?”

Brother 1, “I have a gift card for Jamba Juice.”