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Birth Mothers Have Choices

Making a decision to place your child for adoption is HUGE.

This important decision should not be made quickly or without considerable thought.

Every birth mother who has ever contacted us has a unique story and a unique set of circumstances. We acknowledged that what is important to one woman will be different from what is important to another woman. who is giving up her baby for adoption.

We strive to be flexible to meet your needs. when you want are finally ready to say, “Put my baby up for adoption.”

Before making this decision for you and your child, you should know what choices you have in the adoption process.

These choices include deciding what kind of accommodations you need while carrying the child.

You will want a say in the medical care you receive as well as where you will deliver and who will be with you during the delivery.

Paramount in the adoption process is selecting an adoptive family for your baby. You can decide whether you want to meet and talk with families before giving birth. Whether you speak in person or on the phone, or through a third party, you have the right to determining what kind of relationship you will have with the family.

Click on the video box below as Heart to Heart’s director discusses some of the choices available to you.