Birth Father Situations

Birth Father Situations

Supportive Birth Fathers

Are you in a situation in which the father of your baby is supportive of you and your decision to place your baby for adoption? If so, realize that you are in a  special situation.  Often times birth fathers can be unsupportive and disapproving of an unplanned pregnancy and the decision of adoption. If the birth father is involved and supportive, allow him to support you and be a part of this process with you. You both will surely experience many emotions  throughout this process and you can be supportive of each other along the way.

Unsupportive Birth Fathers

If you find yourself in a situation in which the birth father is unsupportive or disapproving of your unplanned pregnancy and decision of adoption, then just know that this is very common. There are many other women who also find themselves in this kind of situation.  Many times, women will choose to place their baby for the very reason of not having the support of the birth father.  Sometimes birth fathers are simply unfamiliar with the adoption process. We can certainly help educate him on what he can expect through the process as well as answer any questions he may have.

If the birth father is wanting you to get an abortion, just know that the decision over the life of your baby is ultimately yours. Being a woman, it is you that will be left to deal with the emotional and physical aftermath of an abortion. You will need to make the decision that feels right for you.


Birth father is not involved at all or in Jail

We realize that many of these situations are not ideal and may be very disheartening on you, the birth mother.  Without a doubt, you are in a difficult situation. Our adoption Counselors will be available to counsel with you and support you through this complicated situation. Your counselor will also inform you of the state legalities that must be dealt with regarding your birth father situation. We have worked with many women in similar situations and know how to effectively help you through the process no matter what your birth father situation is. Rest assured, we will help you through every step of your adoption journey.