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Babies Don’t Wait for Covid-19

Babies don’t wait.

Heart to Heart Adoptions have mothers who are giving birth. There are women who need support right now in Utah, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Washington State, and a host of other locations.  The pandemic isn’t easy for anyone.

We have upgraded our media skills as we try to adhere to every safe social distancing standard we can while still supporting the women who need the support.

We have team members driving long distances to assist women who had no idea this difficult decision would be compounded with a quarantined world.

We have digitized our adoptive family profiles to reduce the risk of contamination. We have reassessed living conditions for many of our expectant mothers. We have kept abreast of every medical suggestion.

But we are still here for you.

We are still matching families and children.

We are grateful for the help and the consideration given to us by hospital staff, adoptive families, other health care workers, attorneys, and other adoption agencies.

One of a greatest effort right now is to pool resources with attorneys and other agencies to reduce travel and exposure for everyone.

Please, know we are still here for you.