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At Last the Parents Get to See His Face–Their Tiny NICU Baby

Three days old

Good morning friends and family.

Brad and I have amazing news to share!!

Our little rainbow baby, BOY Elias, was born a couple of months early. 4lbs 3 oz and 16 inches long!

He may be tiny, but he is sure mighty!

He is such a little fighter and is so strong. We love him so much, and our hearts are so full. We always imagined what parenthood would be like. . . and it’s more than we could have ever imagined. There are not even words to truly express this amazing feeling. We love our little guy soooo much.

Brad and I will be in NICU for about 5 to 6 weeks-ish.

After seven years of trying to have a family and all the ups and downs, everything makes so much more sense. This was always the journey we were meant to take. God always has a plan. And we are beyond overjoyed. I truly believe He had us go through what we did to help make us strong and brave so we could be everything little Elias needs. Thank you, Lord, friends, and family, for taking this long journey with us, and now we all get to celebrate Elias!

He is excited to meet all of you!!


Cherrie and little Elias.

Cherrie journals the next few days. Read these blogs for the baby’s journey of kangaroo care as he comes off drugs.

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