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An Insane Whirlwind Ended Long Wait

“A humbling experience to be chosen by this birth mother.”

Guest blogger tells about their adoption story.

We started the adoption process in September of 2021. After the home study process, we became active on the waitlists in January 2022.

While we had hoped to match within the year, God had other plans. We waited for what felt like forever. After a while, the initial excitement and buzz began to wear off. We started disliking when people asked for updates because we didn’t have any. We became increasingly discouraged, and it became harder to go to baby showers and be around young families. We came to the point where we weren’t sure if it was really going to happen for us. Adoption seemed like a far-off, unattainable dream.

At the beginning of May 2023, I had just posted on Facebook that we had no updates and things were moving slowly. The very next day, we got the situation from Heart to Heart about our son’s birth mother.

One week later, we matched with her, and six days after that, he was born.

Thus commenced an insane whirlwind to end a very long, slow process. Looking back, a year and nine months isn’t that long of a wait. It’s just hard to remember that when you’re in the middle of it, and you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. When you are rejected time and time again, it can become very disheartening, and you even start to feel as though you aren’t worth it. That’s why it felt so incredible to be chosen by our son’s birth mom. To be chosen for such a precious thing is the highest compliment we could have ever received. She was so excited about us that she told her case worker, “I wanted to talk with them before anyone else snatched them up. I just couldn’t have chosen a better family.” What kind words from an amazing woman, and what a humbling feeling to be chosen.

We discovered something interesting as we reflected on our adoption process and God’s providence through it all. We counted back to nine months before he was born, and that period in our lives was a very difficult one for us. But all the while, he was growing in his birth mother’s belly.

God orchestrated so many things behind the scenes without our knowledge.

When we thought things weren’t moving along, our son was there, growing strong. When we thought all hope was lost, we got the call the next day. It still hardly seems real, but what a testament of God’s mighty hand working all things out even when we can’t see it.

Heart to Heart was amazing throughout the whole process. We loved having Darla as our primary contact. She was so friendly and helpful, and she answered all of our questions, even when they felt like silly ones.

Kathy was the birth mom’s primary contact, and she was amazing as well.

The whole team was just very supportive and responsive to us. Heart to Heart was very upfront with any additional fees we may have incurred, which we really appreciated as we know that many adoption agencies are not always honest.

They were all very personable and exemplified Christ-like behavior to all of us.