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An Adoptive Family Needed ASAP

An immediate placement would be best for this three-year-old child. Because of the time constraints, we need interested families to be:

  • Willing to travel to Utah.

  • Have a current home study.

  • Traditional two-parent family. (By mother’s request.)

  • Prepared to parent a child with developmental delays.

    This sweet little boy is very active and possibly has autism.

Right now, he has significant cognitive and social delays. He is receiving the best care he possibly can under the circumstances. This care involves home service, which includes occupational therapy. This therapy should continue as he presently has speech and adaptive behavior delays. His gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive functions also appear to have delays which are being addressed.

The birth mother is described as “caring, thoughtful, and observant” and will want to keep in touch with the child. She wants to watch him grow up and is very concerned about finding a family that will accept her. She does not want to be intrusive but would like contact that would include ongoing letters, pictures, phone calls, or video chats.

To make communication more convenient, we would also sign your family and the birth mother up to a computer app called HeartsConnect. You can use this app to easily message one another as well as send pictures and videos.

Although he is very active, he is also adorable and may flourish with the right family who knows how to find him the proper services and provide him with boundaries and love.

There will be no complications involving the birth father.

If you have questions, call 801-838-8018. If no one is available, please, leave a message.

If you don’t qualify for this child but feel drawn to adoption, we would love for you to complete a home study and be on file. Unique situations frequently present themselves, and we want eligible, prepared families.

Go here to start your home study.