What is the $2000 application fee for?

Access to Creating a Family

We encourage the families we work with to actively seek ongoing education about adoption. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a coupon code to access all courses through the Creating a Family website for free. These audio courses provide excellent, up-to-date information about many facets of adoption. Please start with our Home Study Bundle and expand from there. This is a free service we provide to you because we feel education is so valuable. Please take advantage of this resource as you learn more about supporting and parenting your child. 

Lifetime Membership to OurHeartsConnect

You can create an account on OurHeartsConnect, a secure communication, information, and photo sharing portal designed specifically for the unique needs of adoptive parents, birth parents, adopted children, and children in long- and short-term foster care. As a member of HeartsConnect you will have access to support groups that apply to your situation. It is also a place you can communicate with birth parents before and after you are matched.

Home Study Fee

If you do your home study through us the cost of the home study is covered.