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If adoption seems to be the best move,

But not watching your child grow up seems wrong,

It would be best if you had an open adoption.

At Heart to Heart Adoptions, we have worked very hard at creating a computer app called HeartsConnect, which allows families to have the degree of openness they feel comfortable with.

An open adoption allows birth parents to know and have contact with the adoptive parents and the adopted child.

There are always varying degrees of openness.

–Typically, birth parents take part in choosing the adoptive parents who will raise their children. Some birth mothers want to meet the adoptive parents even before the baby is born.

–After giving birth, you

can opt for regular, planned contact. This contact may be in the form of pictures, phone calls, or video calls.

—We have numerous situations where the birth family and adoptive family meet for holidays and other special events.

–We have other situations where all communication is confidential and devoid of personal and identifying information.

The type of contact and how often these contacts occur depend on everyone’s needs and choices. Over time situations change.

If placing your child for adoption seems right,

If never seeing your child again seems wrong.

Contact one of us, and we will find the right situation for you.