20-Percent of Teen Births are Repeats

Teen Pregnancy - Utah Adoption AgencyStatistics show that in the U.S., teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 who give birth, nearly 20-percent are not first time parents. The state with the highest rate of repeat teen births is Texas at 22-percent, though reports do show that more teen moms are beginning to use birth control. For example, New Hampshire’s repeat pregnancy rate is only 10-percent.

The highest repeat teen births were American Indian and Alaska natives at 21.6-percent, Hispanics at 20.9-percent and African Americans at 20.4-percent. The lowest percentage was among Caucasians at 14.8-percent.

The states with the highest rates, averaging 20-percent, included Arizona, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Nevada. The states with lower rates, less than 15-percent, included Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Vermont and Wyoming.

While 91-percent of teen moms report using some form of contraception, experts suggest that only 22-percent of these methods are considered highly effective. Highly effective birth control methods include a vasectomy, tubal ligation, an intrauterine device (IUD) or a hormonal implant. Moderately effective methods include the pill, the patch, injectable forms of birth control and the ring. But with statistics showing that only one in five teen moms is using a reliable form of birth control, this is highlighting how inconsistent birth control methods, including contraceptive pills and condoms, may not be a suitable option for this group of teens.

Heart to Heart is a Utah adoption agency that specializes in abortion alternatives. They understand that being a teen mom is difficult and that having one child, let along two children, can be financially draining and a major difficulty for a young, single parent.

Heart to Heart offers counseling and advice to teen moms that are considering either open adoption or private adoption. They help pregnant teen moms find two-parent families that can offer children opportunities, resources and financial security.

Additionally, Heart to Heart understands that pregnancy and the birthing process can be extremely expensive, if not financially draining. They help birthmothers with necessary expenses while they are pregnant, including housing and rent, utility bills, phone-related expenses, medical costs, groceries, household supplies, travel costs, clothing and adoption legal fees. They also provide counseling, support services, a case manager, groups, activities, grief counseling, mental health counseling, transportation, financial assistance after adoption placement, post placement counseling and even communication with adoptive families.

With a glowing list of testimonials and recommendations from birthmothers, Heart to Heart is striving to help place unexpected, unplanned pregnancies with prospective adoptive parents that desire their own loving family.